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AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(632 most recent words - 6th July, 2015)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Very high)   82 
 Worried (Average)   44 
 Angry (Average)   57 
 Depressed (Low)   26 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   60 
 Personable (High)   62 
 Arrogant/Distant (Average)   57 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   57 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Average)   41 
 Sensory (Low)   32 
 In-the-moment (Average)   51 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

> http://t.co/i8xadJwguA RT @Pharrell: You're always an inspiration to me @TheEllenShow. Congrats on your new clothing line http://t.co/uKL1AGJs6N! .@NYCCouncil is considering a bill that threatens to destroy 10,000 NYC job opportunities. @deBlasioNYC, oppose ban on new @Uber_NYC cars. I use this tool every day. http://t.co/8PXHlxRLFC Excited to work w/ @jase & @Neighborly to rebuild the way we invest in America http://t.co/kwoattLyOe @ProductHunt http://t.co/lscHMYtqqw Meryl Streep Wants Congress To Pass The Equal Rights Amendment, So She Did Something About It. http://t.co/u6QH5hTZNJ RT @aplusapp: Hilarious job interview advice that definitely won't help. http://t.co/t2AhbhurUu http://t.co/7dreUNuKTF #FBF http://t.co/FOyPLxErxg The solutions to most problems start with brutal honestly and that takes courage. http://t.co/U3TUMoHMsD @ceezrock nope @ceezrock is this a drone shot? If you don’t know this man yet, you will… https://t.co/jE0cpnbi1C Today vs. tomorrow http://t.co/D1WsLq7oML The Shawshank Redemption meets 8-bit https://t.co/xYrx69gz1L We had FreeCell, Hearts, Minesweeper or Solitaire and we liked ‘em. #fbf http://t.co/4Vb8FBPkSW My suggestion for Father’s Day! Make your man happy. http://t.co/bdJJKm8p6a http://t.co/h0XWDAQrIa Looks safe http://t.co/jWHHJbYdZy A list any movie fan will appreciate https://t.co/v3yy9lUtmy Small biz shouldn't be a pawn in some giant corp's game. #ADPeeved http://t.co/3YxjdTwLUc Amazing that 50+ yr old @ADP is so threatened by 2-yr @Zenefits. #disruption #ADPeeved http://t.co/dhsxtUNvZR Consider this http://t.co/T7JSjPpCip My 16 year old dog had surgery yesterday. These stories are helping me cope. http://t.co/RqIyOmtfjl I'm loving the new search @aplusapp church out A+ parenting https://t.co/RNDaQIC3b7 @jessmurphey yes RT @jessmurphey: |LIVE NOW| Wednesdays at #Maverick #meerkat http://t.co/QrRbCzGpMz @jessmurphey sup Abe? @jessmurphey come down the hall @jessmurphey what are you guys doing? What do you think about our new design? http://t.co/Vg6FU6xox8 The save button for the Internet. @Pocket http://t.co/ErHomAJkmQ Shouldn’t she be wearing a helmet? http://t.co/hkUL6mDlEq Love @PaulMcCartney is meerkating!!!! https://t.co/5B7ZfA2Lle Should’ve consulted with @houzz first http://t.co/6rrTJ2CBnt http://t.co/vCIeNVFB77 Today I am grateful for the miracle of my friend @LucianoHuck and his family experienced. Thank you for giving them back to us. This is #oddlysatisfying http://t.co/LPRqgtK0Z9 That happened https://t.co/b8tbRiPW31 Teenagers Explain The Meaning Of Life https://t.co/l4Esen7QOP via @YouTube 'Wet Hot American Summer' Photos Are Here, And They Look Amazing http://t.co/PRA3MbQBEm can't wait we are so winning the soap box derby this year http://t.co/1DoLPJtyD7 I could get into this https://t.co/IEq0lWZS8M Excited for my friends @memsql @ericfrenkiel @nikitashamgunov & the launch of MemSQL 4 today. Congrats! Congrats @TheRue you deserve it! So Proud. @sunnybmw3 I may have chosen this business but my daughter didn't. Why is it so hard for publications to respect that I would like the identity of my child kept private for safety reasons? Pls honor that. to do that with a broken toe!?Wtf? @iamValC thank you for show casing how beautiful we know @TheRue is! ABC: http://t.co/x3h33mULEx #DWTS Rumer I'm so proud of you. You are an artist of movement Vote: ABC: http://t.co/x3h33mULEx Facebook: https://t.co/7CAkcz0KQ5 Vote for @TheRue & @iamValC Phone: 1-855-234-5610 ABC: http://t.co/x3h33mULEx Facebook: https://t.co/7CAkcz0KQ5 http://t.co/6uQtUHl7CG SuperPower: understand the potential paths forward for American foreign policy Awesome read @ianbremmer #election2016 http://t.co/XKTvekESTa Nice shift in legislation and enforcement http://t.co/8stzXzUh1c