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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(649 most recent words - 29th March, 2015)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (High)   71 
 Worried (Average)   60 
 Angry (High)   63 
 Depressed (Low)   29 

Social Style

 Plugged In (High)   68 
 Personable (High)   65 
 Arrogant/Distant (High)   75 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   52 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (High)   61 
 Sensory (Low)   28 
 In-the-moment (Average)   54 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

Lets make this little dudes day! #wearyellowforseth http://t.co/WMsTsx6JHA http://t.co/RslnmBlNSf Indiana are you also going to allow Christian establishments to ban Jews from coming in? Or Vice Versa? Religious freedom??? #OUTRAGE Indiana? Seriously? Really? Bravo Salesforce for taking a stand. @benioff Hope more companies follow. http://t.co/g8K9DNZjps Handy Netflix shortcuts: http://t.co/yUPayq4BNn This Little Boy Has A Devastating Disease & We are gonna make sure he feels LOVED On Friday #WearYellowForSeth http://t.co/WMsTsx6JHA This is why I ride #Uber http://t.co/bpFTtf5g6v http://t.co/thpO8Uzj5k This Self-Driving Car Is Going To Change Everything http://t.co/KkTkP6xdjJ via @aplusapp Plan ahe... http://t.co/EY6FZ3RX65 @sarah_ross ustream, qik, difference mobile streaming bandwidth is now exists. An army of mobile cameras and consuming devices are enabled #TBT http://t.co/znUHuJxmf9 Brain Scans Can Reveal If You're In Love via @aplusapp http://t.co/qx5oR8hFCf so good. http://t.co/JbmllsNzYp Jimmy Kimmel Asks Barack Obama The Questions You've Always Wondered About the White House http://t.co/h43nwkOh9W incase you misseed SXSW here's some recap via @aplusapp https://t.co/omzmm8oM4n 10 Facts About St. Patrick’s Day That Don’t Involve Drinking via @aplusapp http://t.co/houM3OQB99 There's A Terrifying Problem Happening Right In Our Backyard. Something Needs To Be Done. @aplusapp http://t.co/0Avr1Tnltc You May Not Realize How Sexist Public Bathrooms Are Until You're A Parent via @aplusapp http://t.co/DCgNmEaVDG You Might Think This Is A Bad Habit, But You Are So Wrong via @aplusapp http://t.co/9bMDfQD6Sr A Bridge In Selma Is Still Named After A KKK Member. Here's How One Group Is Trying To Change That. via @aplusapp http://t.co/Dn3rHTHNP9 19 Words That Sum Up What It Means To Be A Woman via @aplusapp http://t.co/CeUyDFZYw2 Team Of Explorers Sacrifice Drones For Amazing Footage Of Volcano via @aplusapp http://t.co/UU2zWEpTfY Proud of you boy! Stoppage Time: A Q&A with Photographer Mikey Riva http://t.co/jiHc8oF2yu @Film_CrewWB yes CLEAR THE CLUTTER! MakeSpace Expands consumer storage service to Chicago and Washington DC http://t.co/NeZhIrYQSo @rsarver have you seen periscope. seems similar @rsarver how does the points system work? @evanreas it's legit my fav film of the year. RT @evanreas: David Fincher's Advice to young filmmakers. "Sit the fuck down." http://t.co/eYfYDKvSPk Sydney Crosby Put A GoPro On His Helmet, And He's Better Than We Thought via @aplusapp http://t.co/uHejNQHk6m @EdwardNorton liquidate that wardrobe brother (-: @toojiggy not true What is "that 70's show"! #JeopardyClue My girl got first billing! http://t.co/oEA95BOB9O Schools use @PanoramaEd's new Leadership Dashboard to measure things that matter beyond test scores. @Wired profile: http://t.co/h03mv0g19b Getting ready to watch the finale of #twoandaHalfMen still don't know how it ends. RT @resy: LA: We're buying dinner Monday night at @SmokeOilSalt. Book now on @Resy. http://t.co/VCyEznNRJo RT @dwolla: .@USTreasury now accepts @Dwolla. We like the sound of that #govtech #payments #govt #digitalgov: http://t.co/OIeT8g26Hl A toast to my talented costar. Thank you for making this job exceed every expectation I had for it. http://t.co/kYCbJvkM4U A Girl Sent A Message To Heaven, And Got A Response via @aplusapp http://t.co/PnXXTPvNmU @KaycEvans we don't @GabrielaDow @mashable @GovPartner it's not meant to belittle the current effort only to say that checks and balances slow need innovation I have a dumb question for you... What constitutes a good question? http://t.co/TPpopmRoIq This 17-Year-Old Girl's Science Project Could Save Lives via @aplusapp http://t.co/FBuTZpVnxj @Janicka_Pavloo thank you @genesissolis4 thank you @andersx3 thank you @IeamicheIe thank you @mikaelamliss thank you hehe @fromars98 thank you @taylorscared thank you @Pinkunic thank you