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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(0 most recent words - 31st July, 2015)

There are only 0 words in your tweets so the results may not have much meaning.
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Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Very low)   8 
 Worried (Very low)   19 
 Angry (Very low)   16 
 Depressed (Average)   47 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Very low)   10 
 Personable (Very low)   4 
 Arrogant/Distant (Very low)   5 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Low)   26 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Very low)   7 
 Sensory (Very low)   10 
 In-the-moment (Average)   42 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

Congrats @ZenPayroll on opening their second office in Denver! They're planning to create 1000+ jobs for the area: http://t.co/WHBZdMHiaz RT @typesfast: Flexport's designers really need to step up to beat our competition's minimalist dashboard + keyboard shortcuts: http://t.co… RT @fancy: Meet us at the Apple Store in SoHo next week. The great @ohsnapjbsmoove Hosting! RSVP here: https://t.co/aMmnH2b2wA http://t.co… Demi Lovato - Killin it http://t.co/MnkSzNHT7p @rascalflatts give you 500$ if you hit a catfish @CaraHarshman keep smiling @zoesaldana miss you! Miss the mac man Democracy wins http://t.co/cpHLQ9NCq7 10,000 jobs is nothing to scoff at, @BilldeBlasio #uberNYC @chewy106 an important community indeed but paying politicians to suppress competition is not servicing themselves or the community at large NYC council member explain to teachers who drive #uber to subsidize their income that they won't have a job cause U took 25k from a taxi co RT @mtouzzi: @aplusk the mayor wants jobs in the city but only for the companies he chooses. This isn't a conservative or liberal debate it's about politicians representing their personal interests and not their community. #uberNYC Until the impact of ALL 2.7m vehicles are considered, any cap imposed on new for-hire vehicles remains completely arbitrary Here are the facts @BilldeBlasio make a data driven decision!!!! http://t.co/pG3meiK13Q Vote to keep #Uber moving in New York The residents of New York need access to affordable and reliable transportation. Why does this bill completely ignore the impact of buses, bicycles, pedestrians and of course yellow and green cabs on NYC roads? If slow average speeds in Manhattan is something that needs to be fixed, why did the city LOWER the speed limit thru Vision Zero this year? Limiting new for-hire vehicle licenses and taking away jobs from New Yorkers is not the answer. De Blasio to business groups: Stay out of #Uber debate – or else http://t.co/XQGxkiImuM "The “problem” is economic growth, not Uber — and the solution is better public transportation…" https://t.co/cBZPBwF5Aw Rationale for this legislation and its methodology are inherently flawed #UberNYC Proposed bill will result in longer wait times, higher prices, and less reliable service for riders. #deBlasioUber http://t.co/5R2ToNhEuY Please do not prejudge the solution before fully examining the question, Mayor @BilldeBlasio #UberNYC Proposed bill singles out 1% of the 2.7M cars+trucks on NYC roads every day, ignores buses, bikes, pedestrians + yellow or green cabs. “Despite past claims that the proposed cap is designed to deal w/ congestion, the word appears just once…” #UberNYC https://t.co/cBZPBwF5Aw This bill would limit #UberNYC'S ability to add supply to ~200 new cars over the next year, vs. the 10K that are needed to keep up w/ demand RT @GueldaVoien: Insane that people don't get why we need @Uber http://t.co/aNTVTqG6v7 Yellowcabs harass women, don't pick up minorities; T… Mayor @BilldeBlasio + the City Council are supporting NYC bills that take jobs away from over 700 ppl who had signed up to drive since 6/15 Mayor @BilldeBlasio supports NYC bill that destroys job opps for over 10K NYers by placing strict limits on new for-hire vehicle licenses Atleast give the people this https://t.co/7ZoMwDegBJ Potential Uber cap scam. If you had received 1/2 million $ from cab co's would that effect your vote? @deBlasioNYC http://t.co/XLyGzESWtc Editorial: App, app and away - NY Daily News http://t.co/iNMGI1Rakh Time to reroute http://t.co/E7qjimP1kW .@BloomThat just launched NYC! Making small gestures easy with a click. If you don't know... now ya know. --> http://t.co/bbyavsFIcU got @icracked fixing my cracked screen right now. This service is legit! http://t.co/wmGXdjuqsW Looks legit http://t.co/0besnl1rFd congrats! saftey first! https://t.co/AbxtiLI4Cn What Can $100 Really Get You In Your State? via @aplusapp http://t.co/CQGleUPUs2 These 5 Fifth-Graders Saw A Boy Being Teased. Their Reaction? Heartwarming. via @aplusapp http://t.co/oD3NOlm1lr RT @MelodyMcC: "@styleseat raises $25M to help beauty pros manage their business" http://t.co/eYYGgaCzYx via @FortuneMagazine > http://t.co/i8xadJwguA RT @Pharrell: You're always an inspiration to me @TheEllenShow. Congrats on your new clothing line http://t.co/uKL1AGJs6N! .@NYCCouncil is considering a bill that threatens to destroy 10,000 NYC job opportunities. @deBlasioNYC, oppose ban on new @Uber_NYC cars. I use this tool every day. http://t.co/8PXHlxRLFC Excited to work w/ @jase & @Neighborly to rebuild the way we invest in America http://t.co/kwoattLyOe @ProductHunt http://t.co/lscHMYtqqw Meryl Streep Wants Congress To Pass The Equal Rights Amendment, So She Did Something About It. http://t.co/u6QH5hTZNJ RT @aplusapp: Hilarious job interview advice that definitely won't help. http://t.co/t2AhbhurUu http://t.co/7dreUNuKTF #FBF http://t.co/FOyPLxErxg