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AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(854 most recent words - 18th January, 2018)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (High)   73 
 Worried (Low)   33 
 Angry (Average)   42 
 Depressed (Low)   30 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   55 
 Personable (Average)   51 
 Arrogant/Distant (Average)   52 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   56 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Average)   52 
 Sensory (Low)   28 
 In-the-moment (Low)   35 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

#CarrotFertility is helping make fertility care easier, accessible and more affordable. Sign-up to learn more about… https://t.co/IkVWgmTIdN Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that. MLK RT @RyanAWms: https://t.co/iKg0FOlHwF I am incredibly proud to announce a strategic partnership between Cadre and Goldman Sachs and the in… In honor of #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay, I ask you to take a moment and learn how you can get involved @thorn https://t.co/AoiQGSrRRh Turn your ideas into actionable results with tech expertise delivered on demand. @TryGigster is the fastest & easie… https://t.co/93sxh2dYIA RT @Rove: The best thing about a barbecue is that standing over someone with a beer in your hand while they cook is considered “helping”. Start 2018 strong with this week’s #TechTuesday company: @classpass provides access to the world’s largest fitness… https://t.co/tSIVfns0na 2018 build the memories you want to remember next year RT @timesupnw: It’s time to shift the balance in the workplace, from representing the few to representing us all. Sign the #TIMESUP solidar… @JustinTopp Only game worth knowing Just in time for the new year, today’s #techtuesday startup, @zenreach is helping #brickandmortar retailers superch… https://t.co/j7RKujO9Yj Brilliant and important! Please sign and share this petition to turn Vermont school buses electric!… https://t.co/ff0yBF8VNO It’s official. My daughter has informed me that Mrs Claus will be joining Santa in delivering presents this year. #genderequality Give the gift of @stockpile this holiday season #investor #TechTuesday https://t.co/MTVBt1ePpj @TannerChouinard The best *note: theres a big difference between a pundit and an expert There’s a time to make statements, a time to ask question, and a time to shut up and listen to the experts. Option… https://t.co/nm6ut9rZFy Ranch... it’s back: part 4 RT @crowdcowusa: We're featured on the @TODAYshow's Mail Order Foodie Gift Guide! Lifestyle expert, @maureenpetrosky, scoured the country f… Sometimes determination meets whimsical craft and it leads to viable outcomes one could never expect. Right?… https://t.co/dAGEW7Pusz We will look back at crispr as one of the most significant advances of human kind. Can’t believe I got to sit next to my scientific hero tonight at @brkthroughprize . Thank you Jennifer Doudna for indulging my questions. Join me 12/3 to celebrate the world’s greatest scientists at the Breakthrough Prize ceremony. Watch live on NatGeo,… https://t.co/Yy31sUSbgq RT @jimmykimmel: "We're Going To Hell" @RED Pack! #Bono @ImKristenBell @BryanCranston Ashton Kutcher @AplusK @DJKhaled @RitaWilson @Diddy h… TONIGHT we are shopping to fight AIDS on @JimmyKimmelLive’s @RED special! 11:35 |10:35c on #ABC! #Shopathon This is beautiful to see unless you’re in it. https://t.co/YTjYZBehk0 Feat. on CNBC’s list of Most Innovative Early Stage Startups, meet today’s #TechTuesday: @Opus12CO2. Providing comp… https://t.co/mOYwK5J2KQ continue to be inspired by the work of @StJude. these stories should be the headlines we share https://t.co/6tGEoemNYG Maybe it’s from being a Boy Scout... but I love stuff like this sooo much. https://t.co/7jNq1Z0CQA @mrbennymorris @NathanielKublin @nicolaiarips Haha @mrbennymorris @NathanielKublin Corn @rhettmc Check out @coronetworks free Airport WiFi is super dangerous. you are one of my 30 for sure https://t.co/THczm4EmgM Congrats @adrianaoun and the @goforward team. Welcome to LA! https://t.co/nZL5YD8CkZ Wearables for dairy cows is a real thing - and it’s about to disrupt the dairy industry. Learn more about today’s… https://t.co/ieSukoReJW @diddy I’m changing mine to “One” To my father, my grandfather, all the men and women who protect our country, thank you! .@PanoramaEd is growing its impact in schools with $16M Series B funding round https://t.co/XTgN1i1fHJ An unprecedented level of airspace security. Check out @skysafeio for today’s #techtuedsay #investor What do you get when you mix drone experts from MIT, UCSD, and the Air Force Research Lab? I believe I speak for every parent of young children, “F@*k daylight savings time! F@*k it with a fork.” Ok, got that out of my system. How bout them Hawkeyes There’s no better time for scary stories than Halloween. Get spooked w/ today’s #techtuesday pick, @hooked https://t.co/ibRzIGnMDA #investor #Treatyourself to a #BadMomsNightOut! Enter for a chance to win tix to #BadMomsXmas & babysitting from @urbansitter https://t.co/q4fp9NdcEC .@Slydehandboards founder, Steve Watts, discusses balancing entrepreneurship and family https://t.co/C3egX8i0eN ‘Being in the Moment is More Valuable Than Capturing the Moment’ https://t.co/JUGzcltuCu #TheRanch Part 4 arrives December 15th! Merry binge racing! https://t.co/7b8cXG8Htp RT @thorn: We can all #StopSextortion before it starts — by talking about it now and putting #FriendsFirst. https://t.co/VFd7caxLoi If this is the case we should get busy building positive memories for others. My teacher told me that heaven is pure consciousness w/no connection to the physical world. Everyone else’s collective memory of you?