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AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(896 most recent words - 20th May, 2018)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Average)   44 
 Worried (Low)   32 
 Angry (Low)   23 
 Depressed (Average)   51 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   43 
 Personable (Average)   48 
 Arrogant/Distant (Low)   39 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   56 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Average)   59 
 Sensory (Low)   32 
 In-the-moment (Low)   36 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

fun read “A Plan For Humanity” by @bryan_johnson https://t.co/xfvFXZSJma This week’s #techtuesday update comes from @Peanut_app, their new feature Peanut Pages, lets Moms interact, share e… https://t.co/wsRFh5gE9I To: the best, the glue, the heart, the home, the compassion, the brilliant one, the guide, our mom. https://t.co/P4t93EnHFv Now I’m sure of it... my wife could kick my ass. https://t.co/8VA89GofRc via @MomsWthAPassion 😂 I feel like before people opt into living on mars they should try living in the deep desert for a year or 2 and see… https://t.co/PHafnxgeNx There is not one thing I learned as a scout that would have been diminished by inclusion of all. In fact one of th… https://t.co/iiRkcO4WIC @RealRonHoward ron you are my baseball cap mentor! https://t.co/aC8Jy7EvZs 1/4 of all U.S. students are on https://t.co/11P3CbrNhZ. In 5th grade, it's 2/3 of students! And the majority (70%… https://t.co/CCV8Rdu3GZ @GrantDevereaux Progress not perfection As a kid boyscouts helped shape the persona I am today. I am proud of the shifts that the “scouts” are making. Trus… https://t.co/yIJPB1QLD2 What do you think about @OliviaMunn’s mom’s new @houzz? #MyHouzz https://t.co/INR5PahxIF Welcome to the future of streamlined background checks: @Checkr https://t.co/qWCBOG4kbr #i #techtuesday Learn how to buy & sell CVCs using @civickey’s latest product update #techtuesday #i https://t.co/Oa3c8Emvs8 Always good to have another hand on #TheRanch! Come back any time, Ethan! #makeawish https://t.co/VQdjL1ZWyf Learn about @airtable co-founder, @howietl’s vision for the ultimate workflow as he discusses the launch of “Blocks… https://t.co/ebFT2WTHZT @daxshepard @mae_allie @thelaurengraham @SethGreen @ArmchairExpPod Me too @KerstiKaljulaid Was great to meet you. Am excited to work together on anti Trafficking measures and happy hear you… https://t.co/L2V3RS0UYD It’s a business https://t.co/rdt8VZdXzQ @ianbremmer You every time Referring to the Victims of sex trafficking as “Hookers” shows a lack of empathy and understanding for the issue. W… https://t.co/rECgsETiPv RT @IjadMadisch: Already, scientists share 4 times more recent unpublished research than journal articles on average on @ResearchGate. A bi… Nice #techtuesday update from @UnikrnCo. Read more about their plans to create the ‘first crypto gaming platform’ https://t.co/SWsyPXZ1om Ripping into this Badboy tonight. Let’s hope @ianbremmer predicts a we. 😂 https://t.co/kpw1dMoBYg RT @jonlovett: Show this video to everyone! Look how hard it was for this little girl to be treated the same way as the boys around her. ht… Pretty is a state of mind @amyschumer this weekend! https://t.co/tih2FwJmA4 TONIGHT! I’m presenting on the 53rd #ACMawards. Don’t miss it! Tune in at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access Do you buy local? Think we should build local? Tell me about it in a video. I'll be judging the @uaw "Make it in th… https://t.co/V43Xi7bmBO #TechTuesday updates: @Duolingo introduces new exercises & learning solutions to keep learning fun https://t.co/ovy4hNMerM RT @acorns: Great news! @acorns is a finalist for @TheWebbyAwards in the "Mobile Sites & Apps - Financial Services / Banking" category! Tak… RT @MelodyMcC: I'm excited to announce that @styleseat has added #MelissaKim the co-founder of @Minted and @travisk the founder of @Uber to… RT @Benioff: Praying for the safety and well being of everyone at @YouTube. Huge congrats to @eldsjal and the @Spotify team #techtuesday https://t.co/PB4U85uHFx Hall & Oates kind of morning https://t.co/iw9hnxNf4i Tune in to @48Hours - Live to Tell: Trafficked tomorrow at 10pm on CBS @thorn https://t.co/jBFgLvAcW0 I will be a will smith fan until I am a very old man. Do you recall? https://t.co/c6nSHt0abT Was watching this video and I remember my 18 yr old self sitting in a jail cell in Iowa thinking the whole system w… https://t.co/XFRv4BJEy7 Git’n ready for some Ranch’n #theranch https://t.co/NFHk28ptY2 I could understand if it’s relative to self driving failures but it seems it’s every incident. Could just be me. I find it interesting as I flip through the news that every tesla crash is reported “tesla crashes through...” but… https://t.co/gm3COpgQhc RT @OscarHealth: With some new support, Oscar is accelerating the pursuit of its mission: giving consumers the kind of affordable, high-qua… Amazing news: In an act of generosity that will reach a million students in public schools, @Ripple just gave $29M… https://t.co/HVVy6WcXt0 @Hannah_Rmond That quote is out of context RT @toojiggy: Yesterday I got chop it up w/ former #UCLA QB @josh3rosen & ask him a few questions that were submitted on Twitter. @aplusk… Winner is ... @Ludacris @toojiggy How do you project leadership as a rookie? I’m gonna spend the evening listening to... ? RT @sound_ventures_: “What we want to become is this larger governance platform that connects all these siloed agencies to each other.” Con… tomorrow 11am ET on https://t.co/0Q1oj6QqdF I’m very curious about this big announcement... https://t.co/a63xKB5vYJ