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AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(692 most recent words - 22nd October, 2014)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (High)   70 
 Worried (Average)   41 
 Angry (Average)   50 
 Depressed (Low)   37 

Social Style

 Plugged In (High)   67 
 Personable (Low)   40 
 Arrogant/Distant (Average)   55 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   51 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Low)   33 
 Sensory (Low)   21 
 In-the-moment (Low)   37 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

A young entrepreneur and his portable lemonade stand, 1931. http://t.co/TfxLBAcg9e RT @thorn: We're excited to announce the Thorn Innovation Lab: http://t.co/fVmIEleqNt Apply & help drive innovation to fight child sexual e… Become a Football Genius. http://t.co/y2OWWN4ce4 Making sense of contacts. http://t.co/uDJhcyMcsM “Don’t ever let anybody tell you they’re better than you.” Wise words from Mrs. Gump. (Forrest Gump, 1994) http://t.co/3ZEkBcnvPZ One of my favorite menswear brands @lifeafterdenim just launched their new e-commerce site: http://t.co/DyWvfce3J9. Check them out. A lost art. #tbt http://t.co/S6N0nCHQzN Narration of "20 Things Highly Successful People Do In Their 20s" by @kaylaematthews https://t.co/KzVk6wSOaX @umanoapp Might be time to replace that. http://t.co/wEIIMsH7Bx What’s in your bin? https://t.co/MBw3rPYRIU http://t.co/c9YenesYGi #ICYMI http://t.co/dnjBclaTv3 Just launched the new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro… still schooled by my Mom in text message acronyms. #iynwim #lenovo http://t.co/IQF5CjHEWN Excited to share what I’ve been working on with @lenovo over the past year. Tune in now: https://t.co/EOCguOdrhv Why do I feel like trying to shut off email notifications from Linkdin is sending out invites to my all friends to join Linkdin? #spammers Smarter than a 5th grader? #lenovo http://t.co/ThRzzYmFmJ We will build the future we want! http://t.co/qt4SNT71Ie RT @brewsterapp: Proud to share our biggest release since launch with Streaming and 'Contacts As A Service' - http://t.co/RxXIMvqPGc Happy birthday @guyoseary you are a celebration! http://t.co/WblPVGKyIr Hello, 1996. #tbt http://t.co/lvCrEflDVG Things that make you go ‘hmmm' http://t.co/RoHda1I3yF Old school meets new school. #Lenovo http://t.co/nxHWA3tlAW Millie's got our back. #lenovo http://t.co/PVJuR3k37e RT @path: Now in Path Talk: Message People and Places in One App http://t.co/yvW5ALvXpF A better way to stay organized https://t.co/DAeZ973JOR Beyoncé and Sting Make Surprise Performances At Global Citizen Festival 2014 via @aplusapp http://t.co/XynFX75alO Found She's Got Me Dancing by Tommy Sparks with #Shazam. http://t.co/pbzuo8HZlI Found Goldrushed by The Royal Concept with #Shazam. http://t.co/IhRKnYu7QV Here Is What 1 Billion Dollars Actually Looks http://t.co/5DHfUqxKzU via @aplusapp So excited @Google #flashfunded teachers in 11 cities: http://t.co/2S6nuVkl0O You too can make a teacher's day @donorschoose RT to support This Traffic Signal Looks Normal Until You Realize Something Wonderful Is Going On http://t.co/jw7irA9s17 via @aplusapp RT @getClever: Is your school district #futureready? Learn more and take the pledge today: http://t.co/W40sb4FMZt @mollysturner @Nextdoor it's pretty great! I think you will like it a lot. Nesting.... Too much? http://t.co/5wXn8SdjXT Kids tell it like it is #Lenovo http://t.co/aBf13qb0JP Etiquette 101 with my friend, Colton... #InterruptingColton #Lenovo http://t.co/6OFJzPWlr2 #Beardown @garyvee http://t.co/VM4bl9LO3W NFL stands for Nonsense Foul League! BEARDOWN!!!!! @garyvee BEARDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it @garyvee #BearDown http://t.co/MUp9vbDfwn No r2 not now! #frontback @frontbackapp http://t.co/p0xwnZvhvY http://t.co/gbijQErtXJ “@Square: Together, Square sellers are the 13th largest retailer in the country: http://t.co/5EuIxKW609 http://t.co/wBHyCrKfii” this is rad I preface this by saying I am an investor but square cash is simply the easiest way to send and receive money. https://t.co/G6TXcH3jse @Lucasentric haha Nervous is excited's victim sister. Join me and be a part of this year¹s biggest giving day to #endchildtrafficking in the US. Support @Thorn: http://t.co/MgvFjQmLzH #Endchildtrafficking in the US - stand together today and help @Thorn fight for a safer world for kids. http://t.co/MgvFjQmLzH In case you missed it, have a double take. #Lenovo http://t.co/Ux9k3ye04Z One of these is not like the other. #lenovo http://t.co/Ux9k3ye04Z http://t.co/vpbJF52xqc This Local High School Is Taking A Stand Against A National Food Company to support gay rights. http://t.co/1YUKKlhsum