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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(836 most recent words - 2nd May, 2016)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Average)   47 
 Worried (Low)   34 
 Angry (Low)   33 
 Depressed (Low)   38 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   60 
 Personable (Low)   38 
 Arrogant/Distant (Average)   51 
 Spacy/Valley girl (High)   71 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Low)   35 
 Sensory (Average)   44 
 In-the-moment (Low)   34 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

Giving the gift of stock cc: @stockpile https://t.co/9nuSdJ4qdx @NickKristof vice versa? It’s official: Season 2 of @TheRanchNetflix, coming 2017! https://t.co/a582aydDgy RT @slydehandboards: #hotoffthepress SLYDE is humbled & stoked to be in Legendary #TheNYT ! Print or online> https://t.co/bum0OOj2aF https:… RT @acorns: “The way to disrupt investing is from the ground up" - Noah Kerner, @Acorns new CEO https://t.co/DW4m4HOoOF via @WSJ https://t.… Another day at the office #theranch https://t.co/o0d8bQKMcu https://t.co/rtazrJuYdn This is awesome. Just because! Algorithm creates all possible ideas to undermine patent trolls https://t.co/q7jKZU9K6l Thank you Bill Campbell you were a coach to coaches. #neveragain #dadhack https://t.co/1W2laiCjbE https://t.co/us8VsrCnHx Really Crayola you still won't eat the margin for that one dab of glue to seal the bottom … https://t.co/MnVGEtlceD https://t.co/3J3ZOW4zE5 RT @amazon: Amazon Exclusives' @SlydeHandboards struck a deal with @mcuban & @aplusk on @ABCSharkTank! https://t.co/9zpBbh27m9 https://t.co… RT @ABCSharkTank: High five if you love #SharkTank! @mcuban @aplusk https://t.co/KDuo4ibgzN Finally a water sport I might be able to be good at: https://t.co/dh7JMZuyoX. Excited to work w/ @mcuban on this #SharkTank Looking forward to hearing the pitches on #SharkTank tonight at 9/8c Hint: I may or may not make an investment… Going back into the #SharkTank this week, theres blood in the water - tune in this Friday @ 9/8c "Poshmark is like going to the mall with your girlfriend's except you don't have to leave your house" drop mic https://t.co/fOdjQFJWsV RT @NetflixDE: Schon @theranchnetflix geschaut? @aplusk @dannymasterson https://t.co/fmnR0rok0V Au revoir https://t.co/GSmyWGW2ZH These ranchers clean up @dannymasterson #theranch https://t.co/vGJUk6lTgr https://t.co/4Gs8a0tM9d Jetlag in Paris #theranch https://t.co/9JrNgVZQ3z https://t.co/ikOIxRjtgg Wake up Paris #theranch is here https://t.co/pSgot5YdlY https://t.co/zSUOwbYsdD Would encourage those of you in LA to check this out tonight: https://t.co/ZMvowJXnnP https://t.co/ZRsYuTSFli FACT: @JaredAllen69 ... all hat, no cattle. https://t.co/fDXZA7l8dT RT @ForbesTech: How startup Casper plans to wake up the sleepy mattress market: https://t.co/tQ3zm3EXMb https://t.co/4TM8ulCkFu @beccamcinnis @ChicagoBears @AaronRodgers12 @theranchnetflix haha. Yes Let's stir up some trouble on the home front. Text mom or dad that YOU'RE moving back. Screenshot what they say and tag #BackAtTheRanch RT @thorn: We are the generation that can end human trafficking and #endslavery. Sign the petition via @GenFree2016: https://t.co/57pzUOqac… RT @thorn: Spread the word — Thorn is hiring! We're inviting software engineers in the SF Bay Area to join the #InnovationLab: https://t.co… @Althaezel coolest man on the planet(period) Note to self: Shania Twain… not easily impressed. https://t.co/C4Q8XXoN4f The Ranch is live on Netflix now. Can't wait to hear what you think. @theranchnetflix @mr_… https://t.co/sk1Qfgitzl https://t.co/kp0e8eRT2x RT @ShooterJennings: I'm proud of the tune and #theranch is a great show. It's out today on Netflix! Check it out, it's funny and has a ton… Apologies again, Miss @ShaniaTwain. I had no inhibitions, made no conditions and definitely got out of line. @TheRanchNetflix RT @BoJackHorseman: so @aplusk thought i'd be pumped about a walk-on role on his new show @theranchnetflix. neigh way jose. #leadingman htt… RT @mashable: Airbnb is giving away a night sleeping with sharks https://t.co/Vvmh9mmFHI Tonight, @DannyMasterson & I will be hanging out with @JKCorden on the #LateLateShow 12:37/11:37c https://t.co/nQBdycjB8w 125mm tracks available https://t.co/1j12uf8naw Danny & I are hosting a LIVE CHAT tmrw @ 9am pst about life on #TheRanch. Join us here: https://t.co/OUa2Zi3r4W https://t.co/P5T1kvSU4T Stopping by @JimmyKimmel tonight. Tune in @ 11:35/10:35c https://t.co/Mkcgdg1WgO When investing you look for things that appear magical. June is magical! https://t.co/9ZUCC7Eoy3 I'm proud of you @ajv https://t.co/uY943W9fcT .@dannymasterson & I are taking over @Netflix instagram in 3...2...1 https://t.co/1JPrF5wcAj #theranch @pmarca thanks for the props obi wan https://t.co/9n4AUak2IX @sacca thanks for the comps homie https://t.co/9n4AUak2IX This story is not complete with out a loud shout to @AbeBurns @ChrisHollod @Kelldonn @chadselmer @mijewi #team https://t.co/9n4AUak2IX @ChrisHollod @guyoseary @Uber @Airbnb Thank you for being a part of the team brother What happens on the set of #TheRanch? Find out tomorrow (3/24) when @dannymasterson and I take over @netflix Instagram Buenos dias #ASHTONenTodosArriba https://t.co/Ae4a2qecsd Who's #10 #theranchnetflix https://t.co/4pm6DboJJZ https://t.co/diVORwy3eL Taking a moment to smell the flowers. Thank you Buenos Aires hope you like #theranchnetflix https://t.co/Rmw9c9UGMm https://t.co/tLBTC9UXhE