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AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(869 most recent words - 26th June, 2016)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (High)   62 
 Worried (Low)   21 
 Angry (Low)   35 
 Depressed (Low)   32 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   54 
 Personable (Low)   31 
 Arrogant/Distant (High)   62 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   59 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Average)   43 
 Sensory (Low)   39 
 In-the-moment (Low)   27 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

RT @verge: Nextdoor — a private, localized social network — is now in over 100,000 US neighborhoods https://t.co/DKtY09Fky1 https://t.co/DX… People are going to lose their homes because of this ignorant bill! https://t.co/BlX8K7fycP RT @paulg: The @NYSenate is trying to quietly rush through a bill banning Airbnb. If you'd like the decision to be more democratic, tell th… RT @dannymasterson: #morrisandthecow just dropped on amazon. giver er a rip as they say in Canada! thehurricane https://t.co/y3hXQsKRSz We can't stand by while @NYSenate @NYSA_Majority tries to block the tech industry in New York. https://t.co/zz1wx1G6lo Not only bad for NY econ, bill harms all future tech entrepreneurs. @leaderflanagan @NYSA_Majority & @NYSenate oppose A8704C/S6340A Tech is the future of the NY economy, but @NYSA_Majority & @NYSenate might throw it all away with terrible anti-tech bill A8704C/S6340A @_LJRM new goal, be as success as LJ can be and you will lap me RT @lifeafterdenim: Free gift with purchase through #FathersDay 6/19. No code needed. https://t.co/L0i8PJePer https://t.co/U8fFDW72p1 RT @guyoseary: Very excited to be working with Saavn .. #India #musicstreaming https://t.co/4FCja160ou Price and value are often not correlated. Price is a boring discussion. Value is fascinating. 💵⬇🚾 RT @acorns: Good things come to those who wait... Today we're excited to announce that @Acorns is now integrated into @Mint! https://t.co/u… Spent the day with Moto launching #MotoMods https://t.co/c2G8ePpyML https://t.co/pvluF5g2UD In a snap, everything changes. Meet the new #MotoMods https://t.co/XpoEDOrJjG Join me live at #Lenovotechworld as @Moto introduces the future of mobile. https://t.co/a9SlWQi3MN https://t.co/d80TRS0Htf Where performance & #ThinkGreen go hand in hand, @OWCDigital takes technology further and powers creativity for you. https://t.co/9WAxBjA9XQ With a @Vestas wind turbine & @SunPower panels on-site, @OWCDigital is 100% powered by the wind & sun. #ThinkGreen https://t.co/BonhSmhruc Embrace #ThinkGreen with @OWCDigital, a net producer of clean energy providing the tools to inspire your creativity! https://t.co/BonhSmhruc Giving computers new life, @OWCDigital embraces #ThinkGreen in its products & operations, not planned obsolescence. https://t.co/BonhSmhruc Take your computer further with @OWCDigital's performance upgrades & data storage solutions. #ThinkGreen https://t.co/BeE74xP2F9 Hey! @OWCDigital is taking over Ashton’s Twitter today in proud support of the charity @BUILDNational. #ThinkGreen https://t.co/1do40IEX73 Turning my account over to OWC Computing today (6.8.16) in support of @Jack and @BUILDNational. Back to business as usual tomorrow. Bravo @patriotbootcamp! 75+ #vetrepreneurs in the TX Capitol for #PBCATX helping build successful companies! @TheBunkerAustin @TMinAustin RT @yourmechanic: Great interview with our CEO. The simple idea of transparent pricing and convenient repairs is changing the industry http… RT @slydehandboards: Slyde Handboards is stoked to be a part of the Mark Cuban collection exclusively on https://t.co/5LRpd46fIf! https://t… “Designing The New Operating System for Global Trade" a beautiful process. https://t.co/VlHJ2inqEC We took it. https://t.co/B9vZtgzMTD https://t.co/O1Ce6VTPgq Tell me about it #shitColtBennettSays https://t.co/3qN7Gdzdtr Sat down w @chelseashow, to discuss The Ranch, tech, @thorn, and how we are fighting the sexual exploitation of children. On @netflix now Gusto adds health benefits to its small business payroll helper https://t.co/qoJAT4lYHV via @VentureBeat https://t.co/DKMFxYYPYA https://t.co/GG4pTpcCq0 live NBC 9/8 central RT @foursquare: Foursquare + @Uber. https://t.co/rRGRIqCpOU https://t.co/MNqpNSicDa Thanks Connie!😂 @TheEllenShow https://t.co/mU5plbhyAx PRESENTING at the @BBMAs. Tonight at 8e/5p on ABC! Can't believe they let ranchers into these things. New @Spotify playlist straight from @theranchnetflix: https://t.co/z1JrlKa7kV pain KILLERS https://t.co/XKKLWWvi3H a smarter way forward for doctors and pharmacies alike @capsulecares https://t.co/Wgsd1hTlHF RT @ProductHunt: Found Money™ by Acorns: Where brands invest money in your account for shipping with them. 💸 https://t.co/SuVCseykCu https:… RT @Poshmarkapp: Read all about our Co-Founder @Tracy_Sun's journey to boss life in this @sfchronicle piece: https://t.co/j4Yhu34evg https… Watch the trailer for my partner, @DannyMasterson’s new film #UrgeMovie, coming June 2016 https://t.co/8l9BMQah0b The Tesla X is an engineering masterpiece. So thoughtful. #notJustACar RT @Detour: Edit audio from your word doc with Descript, our custom audio word processor. https://t.co/KVRimtWd4j #newsoftware #audioproduc… Giving the gift of stock cc: @stockpile https://t.co/9nuSdJ4qdx @NickKristof vice versa? It’s official: Season 2 of @TheRanchNetflix, coming 2017! https://t.co/a582aydDgy RT @slydehandboards: #hotoffthepress SLYDE is humbled & stoked to be in Legendary #TheNYT ! Print or online> https://t.co/bum0OOj2aF https:… RT @acorns: “The way to disrupt investing is from the ground up" - Noah Kerner, @Acorns new CEO https://t.co/DW4m4HOoOF via @WSJ https://t.… Another day at the office #theranch https://t.co/o0d8bQKMcu https://t.co/rtazrJuYdn This is awesome. Just because! Algorithm creates all possible ideas to undermine patent trolls https://t.co/q7jKZU9K6l