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AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from aplusk
(694 most recent words - 17th June, 2019)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (High)   73 
 Worried (Low)   35 
 Angry (Low)   39 
 Depressed (High)   67 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   56 
 Personable (Average)   58 
 Arrogant/Distant (Average)   45 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   59 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Average)   48 
 Sensory (Average)   52 
 In-the-moment (Average)   45 

Tweets analyzed from aplusk:

@shai_wininger @fiverr @Lemonade_Inc Back at you Shai. I remember your pitch. I think patience has paid Anyone know who directed the “walking in Memphis” Fb commercial? Props @MOSSONE 😛 “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”- Oscar Wilde. * cite your sources kids and faculty😊 @rochaaide Soon Smart solve- equity plan to help its US employees pay off their student debt https://t.co/6xuRtCBwV2 @theranchnetflix is coming to an end, but not just yet. We’re excited to bring you the final 20 episodes — 10 strea… https://t.co/aKGBVrJOGH We must raise #FosterYouthVoices. Thank you to the @NFYInstitute and @RepKarenBass for turning the attention of Con… https://t.co/xIAX6nU7Nz My man!!!! https://t.co/OnwzBaQglz RT @AminaJMohammed: Ending sexual violence against children, part of #Agenda2030, requires us to harness the energies, skills & resources f… @thefriley @Nextdoor More When I read about new wearables for emotion sensing I can’t help but think about how extra pissed I get at the pers… https://t.co/nMtzGAow7l Legend lost #NikiLauda https://t.co/kEmbpQ2Llf This is not a virtue signal this is me realizing I got work to do to balance tables. Calling all CEO’s. Look at you calendar for the next week. Is it gender neutral? Is it diverse? Fix it! It’s your calendar! @KSHAnthony Miss u brother RT @RichEisenShow: The #GameOfThrones finale airs tonight, so we played a game of #ThisOrThat w/ @liamcunningham1 @timothycsimons @RealPai… @KeithGoodwin5 Haha “Maybe the definition of God is simply what one thinks about the most.” - as said by a friend last night. Seemed a… https://t.co/MUn2gnPJZQ What is most BS about the “new internet” is that not ONE story about these illegal state female suppression laws is… https://t.co/H1JKtwP87z RT @houzz: ICYMI - Watch @TherealTaraji surprise her stepmom with a beautiful home renovation on the latest My Houzz! https://t.co/rX5S5EMq… Great to see @Moovit and @Uber making it easier to get around our cities, starting with #London #investor https://t.co/YTH5qXQAE9 RT @judegomila: 1/ My team and I at Golden have been working diligently for the last two years to map out 10bn+ fascinating topics in high… John Singleton looked me in the eye while the whole time I was looking up to him. Rip my brother. I Second this! 🤞🏻 https://t.co/McK4VBd5PB I hope some day my grandkids say “why do you call it a gas station?” Let’s fix education together. https://t.co/msL8mHsqXp @jungej14 Yes you do!!! K-12 education in the US was built to prepare students for the industrial revolutionary need to rebuild to prepare… https://t.co/Fen4H9gQkg . @RayDalio is right on. Politicians take note! https://t.co/lvJmHaE1zz 10 Landmarks Originally Hated By Locals https://t.co/EgFggfbGpA RT @ninamillin: Beyoncé as crystals. A thread. https://t.co/awtkBwQdAe @Kristoph_errr And then... @ContinuumTrek And then.... @andreabv29 And then.... @DanL1166 And then... @marvinlhardy And then... @octaviomrocha And then... @melbuns And then... Chag semeach Order Do you work at a tech company that hosts user-generated content? If so, you have a unique role to play.… https://t.co/FaTOaW6FG5 This is just the beginning, and we won’t stop until every child can simply be a kid. #EliminateCSAM… https://t.co/cpAGYdIbtC Listening to this gives me hope that a rational political future is possible in America. Pete Buttigieg | Pod Save… https://t.co/l7Zbr9Bqg6 Check out this #NationalSiblingsDay surprise - Kate Upton renovates her sister's home on the latest My Houzz! @Houzz https://t.co/ZGWbwwkZpm Just got pooped on by a bird. Last time this happened was 1 month before I moved to CA and booked that 70’s show. Good times ahead. RT @thorn: We're excited to announce that Thorn has been awarded the 2019 @SkollFoundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship! We feel fortu… @Mildenhall ❤️ you brother RT @RonConway: As Jeremy Richman did after losing his daughter Avielle at Sandy Hook, we must turn tragedy into ACTION. Please join me in c… betye saar https://t.co/4oyP7l5AjL