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AnalyzeWords helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. So go to town - enter your Twitter name or the handles of friends, lovers, or Hollywood celebrities to learn about their emotions, social styles, and the ways they think.

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Analysis of tweets from nixsight
(936 most recent words - 22nd February, 2020)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Average)   45 
 Worried (Average)   56 
 Angry (Average)   49 
 Depressed (High)   72 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   53 
 Personable (High)   77 
 Arrogant/Distant (Average)   47 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   59 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (High)   77 
 Sensory (High)   79 
 In-the-moment (High)   67 

Tweets analyzed from nixsight:

@AlexPaknadel Look at you, showing off about how you've got pockets now. YOU'VE CHANGED. @GailSimone My first book of short writing just came out, so most of my creative impulses are about working out how… https://t.co/wdUboLyVZS @RattlingSkull I'd trust your gut on The Fear, and just show up I guess? RT @FrankMPaul: A comparison of three iconic weeks: https://t.co/IYdUQtzAfq Either that or they've just straight up lost their fucking minds. Has anyone checked that they're okay over at the Telegraph, because this article reads like they've let a self-impr… https://t.co/XiegHlHUQ8 @TessFowler The discussion following that first video was basically when I turned a corner into just instantly repo… https://t.co/37lrgSTcEP @TimClarePoet Gosh it's pretty. We've got so little time for board games at the moment but I'm going to keep that on my radar. @TimClarePoet It looks like a weird and beautiful combination of Carcassonne and Photosynthesis. (Meanwhile hairdressers are apparently out there doing the real work, binning gossip mags in their waiting areas. I… https://t.co/4UhGFV2NPa Luckily it'll never be an issue for me, but if I was a celeb with an opinion, there wouldn't be a sofa in the world… https://t.co/OIAs2OPizI People should be nicer to people, sure, but it's fucking depressing how quickly mass media/news platforms start doi… https://t.co/WCJ3GeWydx @RattlingSkull I like BTS and I like it! She should love it. It is called "Bell Vs Sebastian", and is here: https://t.co/CBjT9LRm75 (I should add that this was written a long… https://t.co/rO2vl4ZiWW Are you thinking about buying my short story collection "The Room Next Door" (https://t.co/oAtnr0foTG), but aren't… https://t.co/yKZM7KR58e The fact that that account is called "elitetanning2" really just is all kinds of perfect. https://t.co/Ms3cgS7rXz (That tweet is about how very useless my brain can be when my focus is narrowed; nobody is going to mistake his vid… https://t.co/Skgxrl1x6T I must have watched loads of @MrMichaelSpicer's excellent "The Room Next Door" videos while prepping my book "The R… https://t.co/5RDqkRsgdz RT @MrMichaelSpicer: [to the tune of ymca] white man there’s no need to wade in I said white man just don’t even begin I said white man t… RT @MrMichaelSpicer: My wife accused me today of lacking spontaneity. Started a spreadsheet of possible ripostes. https://t.co/XxiatdIeRP Just remembering that time last November when we went to see Les Miserables and I lost my shit on the @issuespod ac… https://t.co/wtI8HKvYGO You guys really slept on this mini-thread I did last year, and I've been judging you a little bit for it ever since. https://t.co/Fi3DjvNLZm To be fair, while this may be nonsensical, it's also pretty on-brand for my writing. You're not a real writer unless you have to get a sense of what the fuck is going to be a bit more complicated than… https://t.co/FjggXnjPeR RT @Pandamoanimum: Ben Folds and Jeremy Irons should get together and start a dry cleaning business. They could call it Ben and Jerry's. Brb, just searching Genius for 'Flamethrow your fuckshit to Funyuns'. @pauljholden You both should be. It's lovely! Anyway, I doubt anyone needs to hear this, but Hole's 'Live Through This' still sounds like it came out yesterday a… https://t.co/sPe46gj7Va Almost all of my favourite acts and albums from that era were female led or female fronted bands, how much amazing,… https://t.co/GBlEgQ65Wf Listening to 'Live Through This' for the first time in ages makes it hard to ignore how much ambient misogyny I've… https://t.co/iuABAYOraq @carolinepennock As a podcaster I feel your pain. RT @Carter_AndrewJ: If you have to train people to replace unskilled workers, they weren’t unskilled workers. @jonronson It's a free for all, Jon. @katie_eckler Yes. Just never to describe actual bollocks. Like, speak for yourself, Nish. https://t.co/vEMFwbbYXg @BootstrapCook Had my first proper bout with probably gout on Sunday, and after three hours at Out Of Hours with so… https://t.co/M9RfqZ5IZg RT @_katherine_may_: Working in a cafe, I just overheard a man coming out as autistic to his friends. 'Ha!' said one. 'Yes, I'm pretty au… February so far has been an atrocious mess round our house, so if you were looking to buy someone's book out of pit… https://t.co/nPQu5AGTX8 @matt_timson @mikegalsworthy Yeah, this. I don't think at this stage we can afford to be incredulous about what the key Conservatives are. @pauljholden Much less, is my concern. RT @steevbishop: The final episode of Seinfeld season 5 is covered in this week’s episode of my Seinfeld commentary podcast “Hello Newman”.… RT @2GMpod: Anyone who's still hanging on an answer from Boris Johnson on whether or not he's a racist who believes in white supremacy hasn… @TinyMaster @sispurrier Handsome handsome family. @joules54228823 @morgans_silivas @cameronesposito Ok. @steevbishop You too man. For me this episode is a bit like hanging out with my friend @steevbishop. He picks good music and has a good brain… https://t.co/xQyjxW6tA7 @joules54228823 @morgans_silivas @cameronesposito I... because you asked if men were born with it or learned it fro… https://t.co/7NfU30SyHo @joules54228823 @morgans_silivas @cameronesposito Definitely the latter. I'm only so sure about this because I've… https://t.co/NXDTGZsM4m @AlexPaknadel Body horror by John Carpenter, you say? @baddestmamajama I'm quitting writing to become a dangerous rhetorical person.