The AnalyzeWords Development Team

Roger J. Booth. Associate Professor of Immunology, Faculty of Medical and Health Science, University of Auckland. Developer and co-owner of the LIWC computer program. Interested in language, expression and physiological function.

James W. Pennebaker. Professor of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin. Developer and co-owner of LIWC. Pennebaker has coordinated most of the experimental research associated with word use and psychological processes.

Teal Pennebaker. Communications Officer. Recent Northern California transplant and Twitter believer.

Chris Wilson. (@chriswilsondc) A reporter in Washington, D.C.

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Logo designed by Ward Pennebaker.

Gerd Tentler's BAR_GRAPH php class was used to draw the graphs, and Erik Bosrup's overLIB JavaScript library to provide popup category descriptions.