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Analysis of tweets from jurgente
(610 most recent words - 23rd August, 2017)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (High)   71 
 Worried (High)   68 
 Angry (Low)   29 
 Depressed (Low)   23 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   54 
 Personable (Average)   59 
 Arrogant/Distant (High)   63 
 Spacy/Valley girl (Average)   46 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (Average)   50 
 Sensory (Low)   24 
 In-the-moment (Low)   36 

Tweets analyzed from jurgente:

RT @Chinaembmanila: Win P50,000 and other great prizes! Join the Chinese Embassy Photograph Contest. #ChinaEmbMNLPhotoCon #ASEANToursimYear… @Chinaembmanila 好的食物!!! #ChinaEmbMNLPhotoCon #ASEANToursimYear https://t.co/YLVk3F6yPP @Chinaembmanila Let's dance again! Shot in film. #ChinaEmbMNLPhotoCon #ASEANToursimYear https://t.co/53wRueBxA7 @Chinaembmanila Let's dance! Shot in film. #ChinaEmbMNLPhotoCon #ASEANToursimYear https://t.co/aJ7WDJm6Da @Chinaembmanila The Chinese spirit shot in film. #ChinaEmbMNLPhotoCon #ASEANToursimYear https://t.co/l5u0pfLSuO @GetflixAU how to uninstall getflix on a mac? @SKYserves your Internet service has been intermittent for the past 4 days. Rockwell condo pa, which is your company's dev't! @ianvillanueva_ Tomo! Flying back to Manila. Thank you! @Moz @randfish #seattle Always wanted windows like these for my imaginary studio. https://t.co/x5I2uj7e3X Still in Seattle and I don't think Google can help me much with this. #MozCon best places for breakfast? @stephpchang interesting talk. :) RT @rustybrick: Earlier today, Machine Generated Content For Human Consumption Against Google's Guidelines? https://t.co/8cSZ81CUUU @dawnieando good choice architecture and #UX also signals how helpful a page is to users, which tangentially affects rankings. #mozcon @dawnieando libertarian-paternalism works well for crafting choice archi—defining win-win values gives clarity for users and bots. #mozcon @AbelJohnson89 Somewhere along Queen Anne. Check out this snap I took of the city last night after yesterday's #mozcon. https://t.co/NcwxNPLRub @BritneyMuller definitely amozzing stuff! Powerful brands have communities. @seosmarty For a moment thought you were gonna be at Mozcon. Would've been nice to meet in person. @randfish @BritneyMuller Looking forward. 👍 @BritneyMuller absolutely agree on optimizing for the user's journey, as a UX practitioner as well, it's definitely an intersect. @randfish @BritneyMuller You guys automated this? I'm asking because we have thin pages on our site and non-configu… https://t.co/SzDw3FOrnI This whole thing, #mozcon, reminds me of why I got into the industry to begin with. UX matters a great deal to SEO. #Mozcon @randfish was that an actual Rogue One placement by Globe Telecom? That's an ad from the Philippines. #MozCon Let' keep on doing DUMB things for real people—doable, understandable, manageable, and beneficial kind of things. #mozcon My thoughts about everything so far: Useful first, Usable later. Clear first, Creative later. #seo #ux #mozcon @ianvillanueva_ Sinong kausap mo Amazing. #mozcon https://t.co/9O1G8xRUyr @philnottingham fantastic ice breaker. Activated the sugar. #MozCon @randfish enjoyed the workshop 👍 @dr_pete from the guy who pitched in 'logistics' as a topic—liked the workshop! Recall this post from ages ago? https://t.co/ZRkAH42luz @BritneyMuller nice workshop, too bad we run out of time—would you know of all the current indexation tools for for SPAs? Don't look for tenure, look for tenacity. @kuyakim_atienza @tinacasayuran Nope, that's a huntsman spider, or Philippine house spider. @randfish Gotcha. Thanks, see you there. @randfish bud visiting SEA for Mozcon all the way from Manila, what the weather gonna be like by then? @PLDTHome hi are your Fibr plans available already in Bgy Calumpang Marikina? @MMDA distracted driving po ba ito? May kausap siya sa loob ng helmet. Baka po pati kausap niya hilo na po. Just as… https://t.co/zg9CP7Fjv2 @JoyceMarq Breaks of the game @JoyceMarq Because turnovers were higher on the other side and lots of hedges, skids, and taunts were being made in… https://t.co/Vc9XBJpz8Z @JoyceMarq Shots were falling. Lots of double d also a hedges @MMDA SB atras marcos @MMDA what's with C5 traffic? @JoyceMarq Not about the refs. @crankimmie @crankimmie kamukha kami. @MMDA Got it @MMDA SM Marikina to Libis 1 HR ano meron? No MMDA yet to be seen @crankimmie So pogi. ♥