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Analysis of tweets from tenderlove
(807 most recent words - 19th September, 2019)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Low)   38 
 Worried (Low)   39 
 Angry (Low)   29 
 Depressed (High)   70 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Average)   57 
 Personable (High)   64 
 Arrogant/Distant (Average)   53 
 Spacy/Valley girl (High)   66 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (High)   76 
 Sensory (Low)   37 
 In-the-moment (High)   66 

Tweets analyzed from tenderlove:

It's late, but I made it! #seeyoutuesday https://t.co/XHyUQKkM4K https://t.co/qdsdYyWdwo @searls Why? You know it's always Friday somewhere I am convinced the fizz buzz test is just a conspiracy by big soda to make a buzz about fizz @N Hahaha thanks! 頭の中には「外国語 = 日本語」だからどの国に行ってもうっかり日本語を使ってしまう 😰 RT @chacon: This is the second best and least known github pro tip that I also use all the time. If the url has “master” in it and you shar… @k8em0 This is a hard question to answer. We have bounties on Ruby and generally get new / unique bugs (though a fa… https://t.co/6e645GbDSK utf8mb4 https://t.co/Tr8ZXAIMgJ I frequently use 'y' to get a permanent link to the file I'm viewing. Usually the url will have the branch name, an… https://t.co/f0RD8Jyu7S Micro services https://t.co/S2P6qKWviP @pvh Yep. Just the first step toward constant government surveillance. Once we're used to it at the airport, slowly move to other places. 😔 @will_j Staying overnight in Bogota. I'll be in town tomorrow! :) @pvh Yep. I consciously opted in by doing Global Entry, so I wasn't surprised. But it's awful for folks that didn't… https://t.co/IIWARi8dIX @shacheng Honestly, I've given up. I'd like to protect my biometrics, but with cameras everywhere these days it see… https://t.co/stduc4K9xf I went through my first "facial recognition" gate to board a plane today. Not surprised they have all my biometrics… https://t.co/JWe0XuO2ig RT @github: GitHub is now a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) 🎉 Disclose vulnerabilities, alert developers, and provide updates all from with… @samphippen If only there was a way to 😎 give it a boost RT @rubyconf: Today’s the day! The RubyConf 2019 schedule just went live, so feel free to pore over the options and start planning out your… I feel like `@here` is the new Reply-All This person knows how to kubernetes https://t.co/RkhndTHL1m RT @natfriedman: Good news: anyone who signs up for the GitHub Actions beta will get admitted instantly. Give it a try! https://t.co/bHgAcX… @steveklabnik It's always Friday somewhere! I wonder if people that dislike open office plans have tried libreoffice plans Tbf it might also be valid Perl https://t.co/v8fx16fLlm @bryanl Same. ❤️ @agungsetiawanmu @RubyConfID Someday! I've always wanted to visit Indonesia! 😄 I'm heading to Colombia today for @RubyConfCo!!! I'm so excited to meet folks and talk about programming! 👩‍💻 @_matthewd @headius @searls @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec I think this is a great idea! @headius @_matthewd @searls @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec I think adding a "mutable" comma… https://t.co/U88hHAcOG4 @headius @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec If nobody opted in I'd be more likely to agree with… https://t.co/rLewBzSgjq @headius @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec I'm not saying it's not valuable. I'm saying the be… https://t.co/bKFTyjxMEG @yukihiro_matz @headius @olivierlacan @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec I think Charles was joking 😉 RT @headius: @tenderlove @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec And obviously since RubyCop recommends it, that means it's… @headius @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec I can't argue with this! @headius @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec Is allocation your bottleneck? What makes a mutable… https://t.co/b8ocvm4sU4 @headius @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec Can you prove it's the fastest and safest option? @headius @olivierlacan @yukihiro_matz @Benoit_Tgt @nateberkopec I want to hear. I am skeptical of the benefit. As N… https://t.co/lIEnXu4Fhc @wycats The future is dark? @kivikakk I think , this is true RT @NPR: BREAKING: Veteran journalist Cokie Roberts, one of NPR's longest-running and most recognizable voices, has died. She was 75. Rob… RT @tsunamino: Hello! I’m also hiring an intern for my team! Come join us 🎉 https://t.co/gNc5dJAlBo RT @undees: @tenderlove Ugh, that pun gave me a headache, right in the templates. RT @CoralineAda: @tenderlove I wish they had said that, instead of letting him make it seem that this was on HIS terms. @CoralineAda He must have "been resigned". His non-apology resignation seems like a clear indication that he still doesn't get it @ElizabethFlux No need. Your original post was 🐨🍵 @ElizabethFlux You're just going to have to steep in this hot take @superdealloc Oh ya. They're checked in to Ruby I am a terrible Python developer 😰 It makes me feel weird that in the course of doing Ruby development, I have to script lldb by using Python RT @jason_koebler: NEW: Richard Stallman resigns from MIT: https://t.co/P178HSRTgK