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Analysis of tweets from tenderlove
(769 most recent words - 22nd February, 2020)

Emotional Style

 Upbeat (Low)   33 
 Worried (Average)   52 
 Angry (Low)   35 
 Depressed (High)   68 

Social Style

 Plugged In (Low)   36 
 Personable (High)   70 
 Arrogant/Distant (Low)   36 
 Spacy/Valley girl (High)   67 

Thinking Style

 Analytic (High)   76 
 Sensory (Low)   32 
 In-the-moment (High)   72 

Tweets analyzed from tenderlove:

I made a quine using ActionView 😅 https://t.co/wvLnrs8PYp I'm developing an artisan database that only allows small batch inserts @hubertlepicki All of the cheddars I've made are the same size. This pan is pretty small so the cheese probably loo… https://t.co/M3Y42yNaP3 @hubertlepicki Looks great! I'm not using annato either. Maybe I'll try someday, but I like it as-is I know it's late in the month, but here is the February cheddar https://t.co/tVrunzqr6Q Utah は豊か? 私集中出来ないからポケモンを遊べない。つまり私は「ボケman」です I haven't seen The Mandalorian yet, but I'm not sure I'd want to watch a whole TV series about the car from Back to the Future @seancoleman86 @dhh @NYMag Lambda marketed themselves by saying they don't get paid until the student finds a job.… https://t.co/dW7OJvd5W1 @dhh @NYMag Not to mention since the ISAs were sold, students may not know who they are actually "in debt" with. Ma… https://t.co/IpmQQlOBPK @davidcelis did you see that you can modify the island? I am dying, I need this game @frankrietta It can also drive non-durable manufacturing outside of the US. IOW, build something higher cost _with_… https://t.co/P6uoNUyTfW tbh I am getting tired of winning this trade war I thought China paid the tariffs! (I'm ordering some electronics parts) https://t.co/csXPTN6LEJ Can't wait for Animal Crossing New Horizons Zero Dawn In Animal Crossing you can buy and sell turnips like stocks. In Japanese, "turnip" is "kabu", but "stock" is also "… https://t.co/Tx6QKi2C85 Animal Crossing resonates with millennials because you can live out the fantasy of owning your own home After March 20, please only contact me via Animal Crossing @ManoMarks @Yuryu I don't think I've bought anything from them, but now I definitely won't. Geez. @ElizabethFlux You won't get caught as long as it's under cover RT @raganwald: @tenderlove Lisp jokes are a hard cell with this crowd. I know this seemed like a low effort pun, but I prefer to think of it as a partial application https://t.co/GAqqAP5yfN I've read all about the cons of functional programming, but what about the car and cdr? Can you view Docker images in Lightroom? Pushing a Google Lambda to an Amazon Cloud Function. #justdevstuff RT @tenderlove: I have no idea what I planted in my garden because I heard that using random seeds is more secure Do functional programs have to pay taxes even though they are stateless? Can I install AWS on my computer via Docker? @skalnik congratulations! RT @soutaro: https://t.co/a6XHhSy7rO おや、キーノートスピーカーが出てるぞ!(私です。) @saltnburnem @nathandotz @bdimcheff lol I have no idea what is going on @ElizabethFlux I mean, whatever floats your boat I guess I'm learning so much about Michigan from Joe Pera Really enjoying the Arashi documentary on Netflix. Glad they could get out of Johnny's group Pass by value? I get that reference @noopkat @kosamari Cool beans! @noopkat @kosamari Is this your first time making anko? Or have you bean there done that? 「大学芋」を聞いたら大学を卒業した芋しか想像出来ない。そのイメージは凄く楽しいから本当の語源を知りたくない 👩‍🎓🍠 @lizzieohreally Congratulations!!! 🎊 @aloria lofi 90s radio - beats to relax / make love to @kosamari You should get had made soba! This is one of my favorite Japanese places in Seattle: https://t.co/j7uIEvL5i3 @ElizabethFlux Interesting. I will make a note of it 電車でG! https://t.co/QkntCQYFAg It's parfait time! https://t.co/VCyEzqR3Dt @ElizabethFlux Sounds like you've got a handle on the situation @nateberkopec @samsaffron It's from "time -l" @nerdblogpl @samsaffron Yes. Also avoiding loading RubyGems. The main problem is that if your Ruby CLI app is insta… https://t.co/7SXDfV0RhF @samsaffron @jhawthorn I was sold but I've been too lazy to switch 😅 @samsaffron I haven't used chruby, but I believe you're correct since chruby is just doing path hacking. I think @jhawthorn might know @samsaffron When I need fast stuff like that in Ruby, I usually disable RubyGems and remove rbenv 😅 https://t.co/fpIbrLpErc